Natural Gem Heliodor Crystal

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Natural Gem Heliodor Crystal
Natural Gem Heliodor CrystalNatural Gem Heliodor CrystalNatural Gem Heliodor Crystal


 Natural Gem Heliodor Crystal from Madagascar

This heliodor is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold! Our photos do not do it justice! It sparkles in the sunlight and glows as light passes into it. 

This is 2 5/8 INCHES TALL and from about 3/8 to 1/2 inch wide. It weighs about 104.5 carats or about 21 grams. It is from Madagascar and completely natural, as well as having a double termination! It has the classic flat, although imperfect, beryl termination on one end, and the bottom end has tiny regrowth crystals over most of it. It is easily mounted on a flat acrylic stand with some mineral tack. 

Heliodor is the natural, yellow-green variety of beryl. This crystal has 6 well-defined sides with crisp edges. The color changes slightly from top to bottom, and natural growth layers light it up. 

We bought this crystal from the miner himself, so our price to you remains low!

The price is for this one individual crystal.

Origin: Ankazobe, Madagascar