Madagascar Petrified Wood - Polished Ends - 1 lb

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Madagascar Petrified Wood - Polished Ends - 1 lb
Madagascar Petrified Wood - Polished Ends - 1 lb
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Fossil Wood from Madagascar

Here are beautifully preserved stems or branches of petrified wood (Aurakarie). These pieces of petrified branches are polished on one end to better display their unique inner pattern; the other end has a natural termination. All lie on their back and/or sit on their side. Mined in northwest Madagascar (Akondromena), the wood is estimated to be about 180 million years old. Safe, non-reactive and beautiful in aquariums and terrariums. They display earth tones in great variety. The best part is the detail preserved in the fossil bark; as these are mined, not found on the surface, there has been no erosion or river tumbling and the pieces are in almost perfect condition! 

Sizes range from the smallest, 3.4 ounces and approximately 3" in diameter, up to just over 2 pounds or 5.5" in diameter. 

We try to give you a single piece which most closely corresponds to the weight you choose. If you want more, smaller pieces totaling your chosen weight instead, please specify that in the Comments area upon checking out.

Price per 1 pound. 

Mined and polished in Madagascar.

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