24 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box

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24 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box
24 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box24 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box24 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box
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Madagascar Mineral Collection - 24 Pieces

You get all minerals shown! Each HANDMADE box is a compilation of various minerals, in their rough, natural state. Every piece

has a paper label with its name on it, making these boxes an easy learning tool and an overview of the various minerals.

The glass lid is hinged to protect the stones. A kid's instant rock collection, with cool rocks and gemstones!

The box can be opened, rocks are glued to the bottom.

The following 24 minerals are included: Green Jasper, Cipolin, Rock Crystal, Obsidian, Yellow Quartz, Dentritic Opal,

Garnet, Gabbro, Blue Apatite Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Red Quartz, Aragonite, Feldspar, Green Opale, Amethyst, Red Jasper,

Cordierite, Dolomite, Black Moon Stone, Yellow Jasper, Epidote, Green Apatite, Calcite.  

Boxes are about 5 inches long, by about 3 3/4 inches wide, by 1 inch thick. 

Unit for sale: 1 box

Origin: Madagascar 

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