Shungite is a stone that is relatively new to the western hemisphere. It has been famous in Russia, its exclusive place of orgin, for hundreds of years. It is a unique rock consisting of up to 98% carbon and named for Shun'ga, the village near its main occurrence, in the province of Karelia. One of the very few natural Earth sources of buckyballs (fullerenes), a rare hollow carbon molecule, it is capable of neutralizing electromagnetic emissions, waterborne contaminants, free radicals, and negative energy. Due to these sorbent properties, shungite has been used in spas and therapy for hundreds of years, and more recently in commercial water filters in Russia, proving its worth as a detoxifier and healer. Keep some near your electronic devices, on your person with our jewelry, and nearby at all times for optimal benefits! Two grades of shungite are commercially available: the elite, or noble shungite, which is a silvery-black, brittle stone. The lower grade, called black shungite, is more stable and therefore used in jewelry and other finished pieces. Both are increasingly in demand, especially as shungite's health benefits are becoming more widely known. This stone is only available from Russia and has few American distributors. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and purposes!

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Item No. 11309
Elite/Noble Shungite, Medium-Small, 4 oz
from $  85.00
unit price $  99.99
$  25.00 per oz

4 ounces of the famous, rare, shiny, silvery-black elite/noble shungite, medium-small, from Russia  
Item No. 11434
Platonic Solids Set - Shungite
from $  68.00
unit price $  79.99
$  79.99 per box

 Set of the 5 platonic shapes carved from solid black shungite for sale, almost a pound of polished shungite
Item No. 11493
Shungite and Talc-Chloride Cylinders - 1 Pair
from $  34.00
unit price $  39.99
$  39.99 per pair

 Made of natural stones, this shungite and talc-chlorite duo are said to help the flow of energy throughout the body
Item No. 10817
Shungite Bead Necklace
from $  39.95
unit price $  46.99
$  46.99 per piece

 Black shungite bead necklaces, classic and beautiful design, good to wear almost everywhere! Made in Russia
Item No. 11439
Shungite Brick - 20 x 10 x 5 cm
from $  67.00
unit price $  78.99
$  78.99 per piece

 Solid and heavy, these bricks are made from pure black shungite, weighing over 5 pounds and 8 inches long
Item No. 11572
Shungite Carry Stones - 1 Piece
from $  7.65
unit price $  8.99
$  8.99 per piece

 Soft and black, these pure shungite carry stones have a variety of useful, aesthetic and jewelry purposes
Item No. 11395
Shungite Cell Phone Disks
from $  5.10
unit price $  5.99
$  5.99 per piece

 Round disks, made of radiation-absorbing shungite, have adhesive backs to stick to cell phones and other electronic devices
Item No. 11489
Shungite Jewelry Donut 50mm
from $  16.15
unit price $  18.99
$  18.99 per piece

 An easy, elegant jewelry piece that matches most outfits, these black shungite donuts are shiny and ready to go with you!
Item No. 11111
Shungite Large Rough Stones - 1 pound
from $  5.10
unit price $  5.99
$  5.99 per lb

1 pound of 3+ inch sized rough black shungite stones. Suitable for carving and other lapidary purposes.
Item No. 11134
Shungite Med. Rough Stones, 1-3 inches, 1 pound
from $  5.10
unit price $  5.99
$  5.99 per lb

1 pound of natural, rough, black shungite pieces, ranging from 1-3 inches. Suitable for lapidary.
Item No. 11404
Shungite Pyramid - 3+ inches
from $  55.25
unit price $  64.99
$  64.99 per piece

Large, solid shungite pyramid for home decor, absorption of electromagnetic radiation and collectors. Mined in Russia.
Item No. 11420
Shungite Pyramid 1 3/8 Inch - 1 Piece
from $  8.50
unit price $  9.99
$  9.99 per piece

 Black, small, and cute, these almost invisible pyramids can be hidden around the house to absorb electromagnetic radiation in various places
Item No. 11133
Shungite Rough Chips - 1 Pound
from $  5.10
unit price $  5.99
$  5.99 per lb

Shungite Rough Chips - 1 pound
Item No. 11459
Shungite Round Bead Strand 6 mm
from $  21.25
unit price $  24.99
$  24.99 per piece

 Obviously natural with their pyrite inclusions, these classic black shungite beads are also basics to building great jewelry
Item No. 11461
Shungite Round Bead Strands 10 mm
from $  25.50
unit price $  29.99
$  29.99 per piece

Completely natural with patches of pyrite and light black, these classic round black shungite beads are also basics to building great jewelry
Item No. 11514
Shungite Round Bead Strands 12 mm
from $  28.05
unit price $  32.99
$  32.99 per piece

 An unusual blend of various black and gray shades, these classic black shungite beads are also basics to building great jewelry
Item No. 11460
Shungite Round Bead Strands 8 mm
from $  23.80
unit price $  27.99
$  27.99 per piece

These classic round shungite beads, in different shades of black, are basics to to building great personalized jewelry
Item No. 11101
Shungite Sphere 1 3/8 inches
from $  16.15
unit price $  18.99
$  18.99 per piece

Beautiful polished black unique shungite spheres for home decor, collectors or holding. Mined in Russia.  
Item No. 11421
Shungite Sphere 1 7/8 Inches - 1 Piece
from $  22.95
unit price $  26.99
$  26.99 per piece

 These spheres are small enough to be handy and large enough to contribute to decor, and made of solid shungite
Item No. 10136
Shungite Triangle Jewelry Pendant
from $  8.50
unit price $  9.99
$  9.99 per piece

Shungite carved into triangle shape with a 30" black string for a jewelry pendant. Unique shape, unique gift! Made in Russia.