Tiger Eye Variegated Rough Stone - 1 Pound

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Tiger Eye Variegated Rough Stone - 1 Pound
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 Variegated Tiger Eye Rough Stone - 1 Pound

 This is very good quality blue and gold tiger eye, solid and gemmy. It has both blue and gold coloration in each piece. Sometimes the colors occur as solid patches/color zoning within the piece, other times they are mixed together within the section or piece. Each piece presents differently! They are very good for many lapidary purposes and would make spectacular cabs or other jewelry. 

Pieces (not including matrix) range from about 7/8 inch up to just over 2" wide. Pieces are as large as 6 x 6 x 2 inches. Very little matrix. 

Single pieces up to 5 pounds are available. If you order one pound, you will receive more, smaller pieces; 2 pounds or more will result in fewer, bigger pieces. Please make a note in the Comments field upon checking out with any requests.

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: South Africa


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