Tiger Eye Thin Seam Rough Stones - 1 lb

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Tiger Eye Thin Seam Rough Stones  - 1 lb
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 Thin Seam Tiger Eye Rough Stones - 1 Pound

These tiger eye pieces have thin seams so they are much easier and faster to cut with a saw than the thick pieces, resulting in less work time for smaller pieces. All have a good golden color, mostly very level and unmarred by layers of iron stone running through them. The quality of the tiger eye in these pieces, related to their color saturation, can vary in different layers of the piece; some are more clear than opaque. The overal quality is an A-B grade. 

Thickness of pieces varies from about 3/8" up to just over 1" thick. 

Most of these pieces are smaller, resulting in 2 or more pieces per pound. Please specify any requests relative to the sizes of the seams and pieces in the Comments field upon checking out.

ALERT: The photo is only representative of the quality of this stone, NOT the size and thickness of its pieces. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: South Africa 


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