Polychrome Jasper Rough - 1 Pound

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Polychrome Jasper Rough - 1 Pound
Polychrome Jasper Rough - 1 PoundPolychrome Jasper Rough - 1 Pound
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Rough Polychrome Jasper - 1 Pound

Polychrome - Latin words for "many colors!" These beautiful, multicolored stone ranges from white, to teal, to brown, to sky blue, to red/pink, to tan--an amazing variety! Jasper is a very tough, durable stone that formed in layers of different colors. As each stone is broken, more colors become visible as one layer ends and another random color layer begins, resulting in unique pieces. 

This stone takes a high polish and is used in jewelry, home decor, decorative stone, pebbles, etc. 

Smaller weights will result in smaller pieces. If you would like a larger stone, increase the weight accordingly. Please call us with any special request, and we will try to accommodate it. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: Madagascar



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