Mookaite Rough Stones - 1 Pound

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Mookaite Rough Stones - 1 Pound
Mookaite Rough Stones - 1 Pound
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Mookaite Rough Stones - 1 Pound

Mookaite is a special type of porcelain jasper--a silicified, sedimentary rock--that is found only in Western Australia. Its typical bright, vivid, beautiful earthy colors range from yellow, brown, vanilla, ochre, red, purple, maroon and everything in between. The coloration comes from strands of the various original sediments.

Mookaite is very popular with collectors--young or old; is ideal for any kind of decor, indoors or out; is stable and beautiful in all types of terrariums; and takes a wonderful polish for carving and jewelry purposes.  

Size: up to about 6 inches long, about 4 inches wide, and up to 3 inches thick. 1-4 pieces per pound. 

This rough, or raw, mookaite come from the area around Gascoyne Junction (near Carnarvon) in Western Australia. We can supply large quantities - you can ask for our special offers and bulk pricing. You can choose different sizes in the rough stone; for larger pieces of mookaite please order more than 1 pound.

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: Australia

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