Lizardite Rough Stone - 1 Pound

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Lizardite Rough Stone - 1 Pound
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 Lizardite Rough Stone - 1 Pound - Norway

Lizardite, a specific variety of serpentine, is a soft, lime green stone. Our lot is from Norway! Many uses for this stone: great for home or garden decor, due to the unique color, and also a soft lapidary material which takes a great polish. All jewelry made from it is very unique!

The secondary minerals are hydrotalcite (whitish) and hematite (dark gray), sometimes presenting with well-formed crystals. Both minerals formed concurrently and randomly with the lizardite, in greater or lesser degrees. You will receive a random mix of shapes, sizes and grades. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound. 1-5 pieces per pound. Pieces weighing several pounds and up to 10 inches long available. Please specify in the comments field at checkout whether you would like more, smaller pieces or larger, fewer ones. 

Made in Norway


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