Labradorite Rough Stones - 1 lb

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Labradorite Rough Stones - 1 lb
Labradorite Rough Stones - 1 lb
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Labradorite Rough Stones - 1 Pound

Labradorite is a stone famous for its color-changing properties. It has bright, vivid colors that can change in a fraction of an inch, and also shift depending on the angle from which light shines on it. Turning it back and forth can cause the colors to appear to ripple and spread over the piece, similar to how the aurora borealis sometimes billows across the sky. Named after its place of original discovery (Labrador, Canada), it was called "northern lights stone" there by the local indigenous people for just that reason.  

These rough stones can display the famous colors when dry, but they are better viewed when the stones are wetted or polished. They need good orientation before being cut in order to best display the interior structure.

Size: from about 2.5-5 inches long, and about 1.5 to 5 inches wide. Pieces are very irregularly shaped; some are long and slender, others are blocky. 

1-4 pieces per pound

Mined in Madagascar



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