Feldspar Rough Stones - 1 Pound

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Feldspar Rough Stones - 1 Pound
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 Rough Feldspar Stones - 1 Pound

Feldspar is a good, basic, solid stone, used for many lapidary purposes. These rough pieces of feldspar from Brazil are generally a nice white color. Most are sparkly from tiny pieces of mica that form concurrently and in seams with the feldspar. The feldspar often breaks on those seams, thick or thin. It cleaves easily, and schiller is visible on the flattish surfaces that form from breaking and/or cleaving. May have other mineral inclusions. 

Price per 1 pound. Pieces will be irregularly shape and sized. Please select more pounds to receive larger pieces, and indicate in the comments section whether you would like more, larger pieces, or fewer, smaller ones.

Origin: Brazil


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