'Blue' Indonesian Amber - 1 Pound

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'Blue' Indonesian Amber - 1 Pound
'Blue' Indonesian Amber - 1 Pound
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 'Blue' Amber from Indonesia - 1 Pound

Amber from Indonesia is a unique kind of amber, mostly very different from Baltic amber. Indonesian amber tends to be a translucent dark brown color, which sometimes forms with swirls or layers. It is most like looking at various shades of translucent honey, from light to dark honey. They exhibit their golden, earth tones best in sunlight or other bright light. Thicker pieces tend to be less translucent than the thinner pieces. 

This is real amber, not copal. It has been estimated to be 23 million years old!

What's most unique about this amber is its ability to fluoresce a bluish or periwinkle color in ultraviolet light! The highest quality pieces even demonstrate this ability in sunlight by appearing somewhat milky. Jewelry made from this amber will have another dimension entirely!

Amber is very light weight, so one pound equates to about 22-32 pieces, depending on the sizes of the pieces. Pieces range from about 1" up to 3 inches long and will be a random assortment. Please contact us if you would like pieces SMALLER than 1 inch/granules/dust for orgonite or other projects. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: Indonesia


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