'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb

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'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb
'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones B-grade - 1 lb
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African Turquoise (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones  - 1 Pound

This unusual stone looks just like turquoise on the outside, due to weathering. That gives it its common name, 'African turquoise'.
We specify it as B-grade as some pices may have slight/less color only.


However, it has a different appearance and hardness in its protected interior. Actually a form of chrysocolla, its interior displays a range of colors, from turquoise, to greenish, to yellowish, to whitish, commonly with black specks and brown webbing. Its hardness is about a 6 on the Mohs Scale, so it is fairly easy to work for lapidary including jewelry and tumbled stones, and it takes a great polish.

Please see www.epigem.de/index.php/informationen/aus-dem-labor/213-afrikanischer-tuerkis.html and click on the American flag icon for more information. 

This chrysocolla is another product of the famous Blue Mine in Springbokfonteyn, where South Africa's first large commercial copper mine opened in 1852. 

Size: pieces up to 6" long by 5" wide and 3" thick available

Unit for sale: 1 pound. 1-8 pieces per pound. If you order only 1 pound, you will receive more, smaller pieces; if you order 2 pounds or more, you will receive fewer, larger pieces. Pieces up to 10 pounds available. 

Origin: South Africa.



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