'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones - 1 Pound

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'African Turquoise' (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones - 1 Pound
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 "African Turquoise" (Chrysocolla) Rough Stones  - 1 Pound

This unusual stone looks just like turquoise on the outside, due to weathering. That gives it its common name, "African turquoise."

However, it has a different appearance and hardness in its protected interior. Actually a form of chrysocolla, its interior displays a range of colors, from turquoise, to greenish, to yellowish, to whitish, commonly with black specks and brown webbing. Its hardness is about a 6 on the Mohs Scale, so it is fairly easy to work for lapidary including jewelry and tumbled stones, and it takes a great polish.

Please see www.epigem.de/index.php/informationen/aus-dem-labor/213-afrikanischer-tuerkis.html and click on the American flag icon for more information. 

Size: pieces up to 6" long by 5" wide and 3" thick available

Unit for sale: 1 pound. 1-8 pieces per pound. If you order only 1 pound, you will receive more, smaller pieces; if you order 2 pounds or more, you will receive fewer, larger pieces. Pieces up to 2 pounds available. 

Origin: South Africa.



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