Rose Quartz Star Spheres - 1 lb

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Rose Quartz Star Spheres - 1 lb
Rose Quartz Star Spheres - 1 lb


 Rose Quartz Star Spheres

Star rose quartz - the famous deep pink variety from Madagascar! ALL of these rose quartz spheres show the asterism for

which the Madagascar rose quartz is so famous. 

When a single-source light, such as the sun, a halogen or an LED, shines directly on the sphere, a white 4- or 6-rayed star

appears on the surface where the light is shining. This is a phenomenon attributed to the unique alignment of titanium and

iron fibers that occurred during the formation of the rose quartz. 

All of these spheres are a great quality, with good coloration in various shades of pink, a high polish and good condition.


Size: from about 1"  to 2 3/8" in diameter. 3 - 4 pieces per 1 lbs.

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: Madagascar


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