Tremendous XL Rock Crystal / Quartz Cluster

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Tremendous XL Rock Crystal / Quartz Cluster
Tremendous XL Rock Crystal / Quartz Cluster


Striking Clear Crystal Cluster with 3 Distinguished Crystal Points

!! Extremely big cluster - a very rare and unique specimen !!

A natural rock crystal cluster of this size is an extraordinary rarity.

It weighs about 1200 lb and features three nicely arranged crystal points. The crystal point located in the center is a mesmerizing eyecatcher.

It is a cluster that fits perfectly into any high-class house, office, garden or reception area; also perfect for a hotel's spa or lobby!

The cluster's size is about 31 x 27 x 27 inches.

The tips of the quartz points are in perfect condition. The cluster was photographed dry. Some of the faces of the quartz crystals are polished, while others are natural. There are no cracks or flaws hiding anywhere, nor any big iron stains. While the cluster is milky, it's also translucent. 

Country of origin: Brazil

You will receive this exact cluster as shown in the pictures.