Shungite Nugget Bracelet

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Shungite Nugget Bracelet
Shungite Nugget Bracelet
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 Black Shungite Nugget Bracelet

These beautiful, comfortable, stretchy black bracelets are made of tumbled, irregularly-shaped shungite beads, like drilled nuggets. A nice glossy black with possible minute mineral inclusions, they are jewelry that match just about everything you could wear! They are highly polished but NOT otherwise treated. Shungite is proven to absorb electromagnetic waves, due to its unique molecular structure composed of fullerenes. No visible knot. About 7 inches long. 

Caution: as shungite is a soft stone, for best care, avoid bringing it into contact with water, especially pressurized water. 

Unit for sale: 1 bracelet

Mined in Russia. Made in China. 


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