Heart Bead Pendants

In this category you will find semi-precious gemstone hearts in many natural colors, carved and drilled for gauds or pendants. Our leather cord necklaces (sold separately) fit the 3-mm bores perfectly. A large selection of gemstone hearts without the bore can also be found in the category of Healing Stones / Hearts.

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Item No. 10500
Drilled Dumortierite Heart Pendant - 1 pc
$  8.99
$  8.99 per piece

Elegant, dark blue dumortierite heart pendant stones, drilled from side to side to make easy jewelry! Made in China.
Item No. 10436
Drilled Rock Crystal Heart Pendant - 1 pc
from $  6.29
unit price $  6.99
$  6.99 per piece

 Easy and elegant, these rock crystal heart pendants match everything and also make great gifts
Item No. 10196
Drilled Rose Quartz Heart Pendant - 1 pc
from $  4.99
unit price $  5.49
$  5.49 per piece

Rose quartz hearts, drilled side to side to fit a necklace or leather cord. Made out of translucent Rose Quartz!
Item No. 10924
Midnight Lace Obsidian Drilled Heart Pendant
from $  5.99
unit price $  6.49
$  6.49 per piece

Heart bead pendants, each carved out of a unique piece of Midnight Lace Obsidian.