Selenite Drop Bead Pendant

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Selenite Drop Bead Pendant
Selenite Drop Bead PendantSelenite Drop Bead Pendant


 Selenite Drop Bead Pendant - 1 Piece

 These selenite drop beads are made from the famous Moroccan selenite, pure, colorless and translucent. The tiny fibers, which were part of the inspiration for fiber optics, transmit light from one end to the other. All these are carved so that the fibers are oriented from top to bottom. With the occasional interior inclusion, these are still nearly gem-quality selenite. Very shiny and bright!

In the shape of a large dew drop and drilled from side to side at the top, these can be worn alone, like a pendant, or can be mixed together with other beads to create unique jewelry. They are highly polished and make easy gifts.

Size: about 1 1/8" tall, about 3/4 to 7/8" wide, and about 3/8" thick. The drilled hole is about 3 mm in diameter, the perfect size for our leather cords or blank necklaces, and also suitable for wire wrapping or findings.

Unit for sale: 1 bead

Mined in Morocco. Made in China. 

Caution: a soft stone, selenite is best served by handling gently and with care




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