Rutilated Quartz Drop Bead Pendant

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Rutilated Quartz Drop Bead Pendant
Rutilated Quartz Drop Bead Pendant


 Rutilated Quartz Drop Bead Pendant - 1 Piece

These unique drop beads are two minerals in one: rutile inside of clear quartz. These thin "needles" inclusions are usually

thinner than a hair's-breadth and run in straight lines inside the drop beads in random formations. A light golden or silvery

color, they form in different subtlie but eye-catching combinations.

In the shape of a large dew drop and drilled from side to side at the top, this drilled hole is about 3 mm in diameter.


Size: about 1 3/8" tall, and from about 7/8 to 1" wide at the widest part.

Unit for sale: 1 drop bead

Mined and made in Madagascar.


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