Charoite Drop Bead Pendant

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Charoite Drop Bead Pendant
Charoite Drop Bead PendantCharoite Drop Bead PendantCharoite Drop Bead Pendant
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 Charoite Drop Bead Pendant - 1 Piece

A knockout purple, these naturally-colored charoite (mined in Russia) drop beads are almost too good to be true! They

range from almost an opaque purple to purple streaky with crystals/mineral inclusions, including the black mineral so

commonly found with charoite, to having transparent patches where clear crystals intrude. A very rare stone, charoite

is only mined in one location on earth, in Siberia. 

In the shape of a large dew drop and drilled from side to side at the top, they are highly polished.


Size: from about 7/8 to 1 1/4" tall, about 5/8 to 7/8" wide, and about 3/8" thick. The drilled hole is about 3 mm in diameter.

 Unit for sale: 1 pendant

Mined in Russia. Made in China.


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