10 Drilled Mix Bead/Pendant Stones

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10 Drilled Mix Bead/Pendant Stones


10 Drilled Polished Stone Bead/Pendant Mix

This is a 10-piece variety pack of polished stones shaped and drilled as shown, to make instant freeform pendants, beads or gauds, for many kinds of jewelry. Size of the stones is irregularly shaped, and about 1 1/4 inch, with a 3 mm hole for leather cords (item numbers 10681 and 10855) or slender chains. The sets can include: red jasper, aventurine, obsidian, unakite, carnelian, hematite, sodalite, rose quartz, jade, agate, magnesite, rock crystal, and/or dumortierite, among others. Each set is a unique compilation.

Unit for sale: 10 piece set

Origin: Brazil

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