Dreamcatcher Pendant, Amethyst Crystals - Silver/Gold

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Dreamcatcher Pendant, Amethyst Crystals - Silver/Gold
Dreamcatcher Pendant, Amethyst Crystals - Silver/Gold
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 Dreamcatcher Pendant with Amethyst Crystals - 1 Pendant

These cute dreamcatcher pendants are woven onto a frame, similar yet very different to the original Native American dreamcatchers. Available in silver- or gold-colored metal, each one has a tumbled amethyst bead woven into the middle of the frame, and also a natural, unpolished amethyst crystal that hangs from a loop at the bottom of the frame. This crystal dangles freely, but always points down to direct the good dreams to the sleeper--a nouveau substitute for of the traditional feather.

These miniatures are modern versions of the original dreamcatchers that retain their fundamental elements in a fun, portable way!

Unit for sale: 1 pendant

Made in Brazil


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