Citrine Pendant Double Terminated with Coil - 1 Piece

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Citrine Pendant Double Terminated with Coil - 1 Piece
Citrine Pendant Double Terminated with Coil - 1 Piece
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 Citrine Double Terminated Crystal Pendant with Coil - 1 Piece

These citrine jewelry pendants are a clear medium orange/gold color, with just enough veils/inclusions to make them eye-catching. They have a unique wire wrapping for a setting, being coiled in a gold-colored flat thick wire down their length. The wire is neatly circled around the tip of the crystal opposite of its bail, ensuring that nothing will catch on clothing. Each pendant features a double-terminated citrine crystal, highly polished to enhance its surface clarity. 

These are a unique twist on a classic pendant. They also make great gifts!

Size of crystal: about 1 5/8 inch long (not including the bail)

Unit for sale: 1 pendant

Made in Brazil


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