Thulite Round Bead Strand 10 mm

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Thulite Round Bead Strand 10 mm
Thulite Round Bead Strand 10 mmThulite Round Bead Strand 10 mmThulite Round Bead Strand 10 mmThulite Round Bead Strand 10 mmThulite Round Bead Strand 10 mm
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 Thulite Round Bead Strand 10 mm

These beads are made from genuine, solid, durable thulite! Their pink hues are completely natural and unfading. 

Thulite, also known as pink zoisite, is the national stone of Norway. Our company hand-mined this material in a rural area there. Now, as beads, their color is mostly a deep, darker opaque pink, ranging from light pink to almost burgundy with a mottled or marbled appearance. The pink colors are even more vivid due to being contrasted with white/clear flecks or patches of quartz in the material. A rare black spot is also occasionally present. 

This is an exotic yet affordable stone that can result in the most unique jewelry! Consider pairing these with the matching thulite drop beads (item 10906) or cabochons to create easy, personalized jewelry. They also make great gifts!

Each strand is about 15 inches long. About 40 beads per strand. 

Unit for sale: 1 strand

Mined in Norway. Made in China.


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