Shungite Round Bead Strands 10 mm

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Shungite Round Bead Strands 10 mm
Shungite Round Bead Strands 10 mm
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 Shungite Round Bead Strands 10 mm

These shiny black beads are carved from solid, real, untreated shungite! They present in various shades of black, sometimes with natural gray spots. Natural inclusions are common with shungite, and these beads frequently display specks of golden pyrite. The black-on-gold is a very showy look! 

This is a classic bead, able to be paired with many other beads for an unlimited number of original, personalized jewelry looks. 

Length of strand: about 15.5 inches. About 39 beads per strand. 

Caution: as shungite is a soft stone and these are natural and untreated, handle and use with care. 

Made in Russia. Made in China. 


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