Garnet Round Bead Strand 8mm

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Garnet Round Bead Strand 8mm
Garnet Round Bead Strand 8mm
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 Star Garnet Round Bead Strand 8 mm

These round beads are made out of pure garnet - no matrix! They are a dark red color and gemmy, being carved from almandine garnets. What makes them unique is that they are sourced from natural STAR garnets!  All the beads are carved from the star garnets, although some may be cut in such a way that not every single one displays the rays or stars. Under a single source light, like the sun or an LED bulb, white lines appear on the surface of the beads. Where the lines cross, a four-rayed star is formed. 

The color of these will match both pink and earth tones for your own unique jewelry. Unlimited possibilities!

Length of strand: about 15 inches. About 48 beads per strand. 

Unit for sale: 1 string of beads

Made in China



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