Soap Stones

Soap stones are large, flat and smooth stones, comfortable to hold, similar to a Pocket Stone but bigger and with more energy, which have very good use as healing stones.

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Item No. 10498
Midnight Lace Obsidian 'Soapstone' - 1 Piece
from $  12.75
unit price $  14.99
$  14.99 per piece

Midnight Lace obsidian pieces carved into large ovals for comfortable carrying
Item No. 10683
Pinolite 'Soapstone' - 1 Piece
from $  10.20
unit price $  11.99
$  11.99 per piece

 1 single, unique pinolite soapstone, white magnesite crystals in a black matrix, like ice flower petals, carved into an oval to be easy to hold