Pinolite "Soapstone" - 1 Piece

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 Pinolite "Soapstone" Hand Stone - 1 Piece

Pinolite (also called pinolith) is only mined in one tiny area in the world--Austria, Europe! It is a magnesite that forms with dolomite and graphite. Pinolite is also called ice flower stone, because of the way that the magnesite crystals form, like cold white flower petals or frost crystals on a windowpane. Due to this structure, each piece is unique, and the shape of the soapstones beautifully displays the unique patterns.

Each piece is carved into an oval, thickest in the middle, tapered towards the edges, and polished, to be comfortable to hold. They are about 2 3/4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Unit for sale: 1 piece

Mined in Austria. Made in Madagascar.




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