Shungite Drop Bead Pendant

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Shungite Drop Bead Pendant
Shungite Drop Bead Pendant
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Black Shungite Drop Bead Pendant

These simple pebble pendants are pure shungite from Russia, black with a silvery sheen. Each has been drilled to accomodate
a leather cord or other type of necklace. They have been lightly hand-polished and are irregularly shaped, which, together with
minute mineral veins, give them a very simple and rustic jewelry appearance.

Each is hand-made and slightly unique in size, shape and appearance! Small; up to 1 inch in length/diameter. The drilled hole
is 2-3 mm in diameter to accommodate leather cords or small chains. 

Made from black, not elite, shungite.

Unit for sale: 1 piece

Mined in Russia. Made in China. 

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