Elite/Noble Shungite, Medium-Small, 4 oz

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Elite/Noble Shungite, Medium-Small, 4 oz
Elite/Noble Shungite, Medium-Small, 4 oz
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 Elite/Noble Shungite, 4 OUNCES

Elite shungite is the famous carbonaceous rock endemic to Russia. This, the highest grade of shungite, is up to 98% pure carbon with the molecular structure of rare, naturally-occurring fullerenes. The stones are a silvery-black color, with a bright luster on all faces. Some trace minerals also form in the shungite. 

You will receive 4 ounces of the rough, natural stone. Pieces are extremely irregularly shaped, ranging from about 1/4" up to 1 1/4" long; most are around 1/2" square, in a roughly cubic shape. Some are long and thin, while others are thick and blocky. Due to the variance in size, there are approximately 34-49 pieces per 4 ounces. Some pieces may become smaller due to the natural brittleness of the stone. 

Unit for sale: a quarter pound/4 ounces.

Mined in Karelia, Russia. 

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years. 

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