Polychrome Jasper Free Forms - 5 lbs

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Polychrome Jasper Free Forms - 5 lbs
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Polychrome Jasper Free Form Sculptures - 5 Pounds

Polychrome - Latin words for many colors! These beautiful, multicolored stone ranges from white, to teal, to brown, to sky blue,

to red/pink, to tan - an amazing variety! Jasper is a very tough, durable stone that formed in layers of different colors. As each

stone is polished, more colors become visible as one layer ends and another random color layer begins, resulting in

unique pieces. Each one of these has a flat bottom, so that it sits up by itself. These are free-form sculptures, meant as decor

to accentuate any living space and/or rock collection.

Sizes range from 3 up to 10 inches in height, about 2 to 4 inches in width and 1 1/2 / 3 inches in depth.

About 2 to 4 pieces per 5 lb.

Please mention at checkout whether you would like more, smaller pieces or fewer, larger pieces to make the weight. 

Mined and made in Madagascar.



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