Commercial reseller

Access to our special prices for wholesale customers

As a commercial reseller, i.e. wholesale customer, you will get special low prices not available to the public. In order to be recognized

as a commercial reseller, please first create an account here.

After the registration process is completed, please send us an email at with proof of your

business status, that being either a scanned copy or photo of your state sales tax ID number and/or your state business

registration number. A federal EIN is insufficient. You will get a confirmation email as soon as we have processed your request.

At that time you will be ableto access our wholesale prices. 

Please contact us at any time with questions regarding the process.


Special offers

Grab Bag - 1 box

Grab Bag - 1 box
Our previous price $  19.99
Now only $  9.99
you save 50 % /$  10.00
$  9.99 per box

8.7 % VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

New products
Thulite Tumbled Stones Mini - 1 lb
Thulite Tumbled Stones Mini - 1 lb
from $  35.99
unit price $  39.99
$  39.99 per lb