Amethyst Polished Stalactite Slices - 1 Sheet

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Amethyst Polished Stalactite Slices - 1 Sheet


 Polished Amethyst Stalactite Slices

Every last one of these is unique! These are slabs taken from stalactites that form in the insides of large geodes from Brazil. The geodes are usually mined for their amethyst crystals, but the stalactites are much more rare. The insides of the stalactites are always a mystery, as they form with different minerals present and under various conditions, resulting in very different configurations (see photo). 

Some form with a solid, opaque mineral center, while others have concentric rings of agate banding; some are a single stalactite, while some are two or three that grew together. Some have tiny, clear quartz crystals on the outside ring, while others have larger amethyst crystals, or vice versa, and every combination in between. 

All of the slices have been polished on both sides, as far out to the tips of the crystals as possible. As these slices are otherwise completely natural and unstabilized, the crystals are more loosely bonded to the center and must be treated with care as they are more fragile than large crystal pieces. 

They are great for decor such as window ornaments, and wonderful for wire-wrapping or other forms of pendants and jewelry.

Unit for sale: 1 sheet as pictured, 25 individual slices

Mined and made in Brazil